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How to be Krishna, Part 2: Posing

So, you want to be like the Krishna. Completely understandable, most people do. But listen up, rookie: if you think that all it takes is growing some sideburns and combing your hair into a pompadour, you're in for a rude awakening. There is so much more to it than that. But don't sweat it. The K-Man himself is here to help.
Now, you're probably wondering right now, "Can I really learn to be like Krishna?" Well, yes and no. Some things can't be taught or acquired. You can't take a course in the Krishna Mystique. You can't buy a box of "K-Man brand Je Ne Sais Quoi" at the store. But some elements can be replicated, and in this on going series, I'll clue you in on some of them. The second lesson is posing.
I know what you're thinking. "Krishna is the genuine article, he's no poseur!" Well observed, but chillax. I'm talking about posing for pictures. This may seem like a minor facet of being Krishna-like, and it is. But it can also create lasting memories of Krishnaousity in people who see the pictures, and any mental connection you can create to me in the minds of the populus is only going to help.
Now, when someone is taking your picture, you may think that it's sufficient to stand there and smile. WRONG. You need to being doing something. The most basic thing to do is give a thumbs-up or two. This lets the viewer know that you're enjoying whatever is happening.
thumbs up
Another good, basic move is to point. You can point to other people in the picture, or something of interest. I prefer a "gun" point, across the body so the back of the hand is in the photo rather than the palm (this also provides requires less room).
Cross the arms to point at multiple targets.
double pointing
Be aware of your surroundings and things of interest in the picture. These can help inform the pose.
Have fun with it and look excited (unless some other emotion is part of the pose). Be creative.
Hope this has been helpful. Look forward to the next installment of How to be Krishna!

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