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How to be Krishna, Part 1: Style

So, you want to be like the Krishna. Completely understandable, most people do. But listen up, rookie: if you think that all it takes is growing some sideburns and combing your hair into a pompadour, you're in for a rude awakening. There is so much more to it than that. But don't sweat it. The K-Man himself is here to help.
Now, you're probably wondering right now, "Can I really learn to be like Krishna?" Well, yes and no. Some things can't be taught or acquired. You can't take a course in the Krishna Mystique. You can't buy a box of "K-Man brand Je Ne Sais Quoi" at the store. But some elements can be replicated, and in this on going series, I'll clue you in on some of them. The first lesson is Krishna's unique sense of style.
Krishna Style
Everyone knows about the hair. But what about the clothes? The guiding principal here is going to be looseness
Step one: get some bigger shirts.
loose shirt
Some people like smaller, form fitting shirts. These people are known as "psychopaths". Large, loose fitting shirts are more comfortable, and also cool by association with me. Large sleeves in particular are key.
loose shirt sleeve
If you're wearing a button down shirt, but not a tie, it should be unbuttoned to the second button at least, more if it's hot. Don't worry about chest hair, you'll be wearing a tshirt underneath anyway. unbuttoned partially
It's the same principal as a loose fitting sleeve. Buttons give you the ability to adjust the size of a neckhole to the max!
buttoning close up
Now, in the event you ARE wearing a tie, you should wear suspenders. Suspenders allow you to wear your trousers looser than with a belt. Also, they make you look like a bad ass.
As far as pants go, loose fitting (duh) pants with large pockets are prefered. Naturally then, cargo pants are the favorite, unless dressed up.

I think that's a pretty good primer on style. Look forward to future installments of How to be Krishna!

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