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I Hate the "Disney Vault"

I hate the "Disney Vault". The Disney Vault, for those unaware of it, refers not to a physical vault, but rather a video sales regime under which classic Disney animated features are only available for a few months every 10 years or so.

The upshot of this stupidity is that I can't watch The Lion King. I can't buy it, and I can't get it off Netflix, so unless I were to spot it in a used video store, it effectively does not exist to me. It's a proposition that's infrequent when dealing with a business: I want to give Disney my money, but they won't let me.

Is it possible that Disney makes more money not selling me movies than selling movies? A straight-face test says no (can you imagine pitching a program like the Disney Vault to a movie studio executive? And yet someone did...). Let's Disney re-released its vault, next year, on a permanent basis. We'll treat the first year like the second year sales of a new movie (about 2 million units), half for the second year, and settling on about half the second year sales for the remainder of a ten year period. This will yield a rough sales estimate that can be compared to waiting 10 years to r-erelease. We'll assume that the cost of a video remains the same through out, so we can apply a discount rate (2%) to the units shipped rather than revenue earned.

Our non-Vault calculation looks like this:
, which is just smidge above 6 million modern day units (6.5 million actual units).

Let's say a move released under the Vault regime sells 6 million copies in ten years (this is basically in line with recent Vault releases. The Lion King sold more, everything else sold less.). The calculation is:
, which is just over 5 million modern day units (obviously, 6 million actual units).

It is entirely likely the Disney knows something here that I don't and/or I've made some stupid mistake in my calculations. But if selling DVDs constantly is even close to as profitable as Vaulting and re-releasing, then there is still reason enough to do away with the Vault: the Vault earns them the enmity of consumers like me, and the Vault lessens the cultural significance of classics like The Lion King by denying them an audience. Goodwill has value, but Disney spurns it.

At the end of the day, this all comes down to one thing: I can't watch The Lion King. And that's stupid.

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