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Amazon Is Crazy

When I'm bored, I'll sometimes look at what Amazon is recommending that I buy, because sometimes, they're right.

However, making frequent appearances in this section, and constantly filling me with rage, is The Ultimate List of Spendy DVD Sets. I'll admit that Amazon has some big, brass balls for even making such a list, let alone recommending it to anyone. Anyway, because I'm a nerd, I decided to run some numbers to see what made Amazon think I might be interested in such a thing. My average DVD/DVD set purchased from Amazon costs $14.67 (13 such purchases over 2 years). Considering only sets, the average is $20.90 (6 purchases over 2 years). The most expensive set purchased as $35.99 (for the Nameless Man Trilogy + A Fistful of Dynamite).

The least expensive set on their list is $76.99 for some series I've never heard of. Out of 39 items, only three are under $100 (and two of those are over $97). Granted they call it spendy upfront, but what in my history makes me seem interested in such a list? Thanks Amazon, for your keen insight into the kind of things I like to buy.

I suppose that's it for this installment of "Krishna is Easily Annoyed Theater"

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