"Ghost Cheetah"
"Turkey on Toilet"
"Good Dog"
"C.C. at the Movies"
"Quoth the Raven"
"Surfing Death"
"KC v. Pujols"
"Laser Tag"
"KC v. Cow"
"Bad Ass Heaven"
"So long, Bavasi"
"Fan Art"
"Steve and Karl"
"Emu Vs. Cassowary"
"Lil Jon"
"Toaster Legged"
"Snake Restaurant II "
"Snake Restaurant I"
"Dr. S"
"Damn Ants!"
"Nursing Home"
"No Use Crying..."
"Horse with Harp"
"Koala Smurf"
"Jive Kangaroo I"
"Jive Kangaroo II"
"Question Mark"
A carrot on a table. The green things are chives or something. The brown squiggles are the table design (it looks better than that in real life, but not by much).

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