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The Chefsassin The Chefsassin is the top agent of the clandestine organization the Dinner Table. Trained as both a chef and an assassin, the Chefsassin uses his abilities to rid the world of those who would do it harm. He has only two weaknesses: cooking shows and junk food.
The Busboy The Busboy is the Chefsassin's fellow agent and partner in the field. As handy with a switchblade as with a corkscrew, he always has the Chefsassin's back. The coolest man to ever wear photocromatic lenses, he is known to throw a hell of a party.
The Restauranteur The Restauraneur is a former agent and current head of the Dinner Table. Everything about him is classified, from his face to his recipe for macaroni and cheese. Some would call him the pater familias of the Dinner Table, but they are all nerds.

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